[report]跪求推介穿兩實心牆 router (solved)

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using i think bb100
need 雙/三天線?

仲想問埋: 原本HKBN已有modem x 1, 咁係咪係hkbn個modem駁lan線去個router right?
and then after that 係咪都要由router駁lan線去求其一部電腦set好哂d野先?

report here:
i listened to the suggestions here and go with the asus router first
since the frd insisted that she wants to watch the hkbn tv so its connected in this fashion: wall -> hkbn box -> asus router
now i recalled there were posts mentioning buying router that has tv function but that was not our main concern here
so i went to her place n setting the router at the living room, while her room is about walking down a ten steps corridor second rm on the left (no direct line of sight to the router)
she just bought a lenovo all-in-one so i tried to connect to the wifi using win 8 and it had a solid 3 to sometimes 4 out of 5 signal strength. shes pretty satisfied. thks guys. although the home plug combination was not used, i learnt a lot from the process. so thx again

兩實心牆, 用一部 Router 再加一對有 WiFi AP 功能既 Home Plug 好過.
keis 發表於 2013-8-8 01:32

any recommendation on those two things?


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假設你以後都唔會升級上更高速既上網服務, 買設備買到剛剛好夠用 100mb 就算數.
Router: A ...
keis 發表於 2013-8-8 03:56

if im using the home plug combination then do i still need to buy the router?
can i just link from the hkbn modem to the home plug?


router 係必要既, 理由好簡單,
你唔買 router 咁邊有 dhcp server?
咁你入線既地方又點樣有 WiFi 覆蓋?
keis 發表於 2013-8-8 13:40

i see
原諒小弟真係網路白癡, thx very much
wanna ask again is there a cheaper model for the router? do i still need wifi function on the router if i hv the home plug with wifi?




thx everyone for the inputs
much obliged