MikroTik RouterOS 6.21.1 Released, RB450G NAT 速度提升超過20% ~ 11/04/2014

What's new in 6.21.1 (2014-Nov-03 15:20):

*) fixed ugprading from v5;

What's new in 6.21 (2014-Oct-30 12:34):

*) userman - fix ~Your session has been reset due to inactivity~ error;
*) timezone - updated timezone information to 2014i release;
*) wireless - fixed scanning tool crash for 802.11ac interfaces
*) wireless - fixed Nv2 kernel panic on 802.11ac interfaces
*) quickset - added vpn configuration to Wifi AP %26 Ethernet modes as well;
*) lte - changed device identification for devices which regenerate MAC address,
   most likely this will loose device's configuration;
*) sstp - fixed disconnects on high traffic load;
*) ovpn client - fixed problem where ip address was not added to bridge interface in ethernet mode;
*) webfig - show properly Switch Port configuration;
*) disks - fixed support for MMC/SD cards;
*) winbox - added filtering by dscp to torch;
*) certificate - fix CRL handling in trust chain;
*) fixed 6to4 tunnels having inactive routes;
*) ipsec - fix downgrade problem to v5;
*) ipsec - disallow template-policy-group=none in peer config and set it to 'default';
*) metarouter - some metaroutes didn't have their licenses;
*) torch - possibility to filter by dscp;
*) fixed - master port on AR8327 switches that is put into bridge could sometimes not work properly;
*) fixed queues - could have huge latencies and smaller throughput than specified;
*) interfaces report last link up/down time and link down count;

What's new in 6.20 (2014-Oct-01 10:06):

*) cert scep - use fingerprints for transaction ids;
*) ipsec - support fqdn as my id;
*) fetch - allow fetching files larger than 4G;
*) fetch - fixed problem where files fetched over https were trimmed in size;
*) fixed problem - it was not possible to see %26 uninstall dude package;
*) stores are replaced with folders and disks are now managed under /disk menu;
*) added support for SMSC750x USB Gigabit Ethernet on x86;
*) ups - support selftest for smart and hid UPS;
*) pppoe client - increase connection timeout to make connection establishment
   possible on busy pppoe server;
*) dhcp server - change default lease time from 3 days to 10 minutes
    to avoid running out of IPs;
*) ipsec - allow binding modeconf address to username;
*) eoip/eoipv6/gre/gre6/ipip/ipipv6/6to4 tunnels have new features:
        auto mtu (enabled by default for new tunnels);
        dscp (inherit/specific value, inherit by default for new tunnels);
        clamp-tcp-mss (yes by default for new tunnels);
*) eoip/gre/ipip/6to4 tunnels have dont-fragment option (inherit/no, no by default for new tunnels);
*) bridge has auto mtu feature (enabled by default for new bridges);
*) pppoe-server has auto mtu feature (enabled by default for new pppoe servers);

What's new in 6.19 (2014-Aug-26 14:05):

*) wireless - improvements for nv2 and 802.11ac
*) sstp - make sstp work on i386 as well;
*) ippool - improve performance when acquiring address without preference;
*) partitions - copying partitions did not work on some boards;
*) bridge - added "Auto Isolate" stp enhancement (802.1q-2011, 13.25.6)
*) ipsec - when peer config is changed kill only relevant SAs;
*) vpls - do not abort BGP connection when receiving invalid 12 byte
    nexthop encoding;
*) dns-update - fix zone update;
*) dhcpv4 server - support multiple radius address lists;
*) console - added unary operator 'any' that evaluates to true if argument
    is not null or nothing value;
*) CCR - improved performance;
*) firewall - packet defragmenting will only happen with connection tracking enabled;
*) firewall - optimized option matching order with-in a rule;
*) firewall - rules that require CONNTRACK to work will now have Invalid flag
   when CONNTRACK is disabled;
*) firewall - rules that require use-ip-firewall to work will now have invalid flag
   when use-ip-firewall is disabled;
*) firewall - rules that have interface with "Slave" flag specified as in-/out-interface
   will now have Invalid flag;
*) firewall - rules that have interface without "Slave" flag specified as in-/out-bridge-port
   will now have Invalid flag;
*) firewall - rules with Invalid flags will now be auto-commented to explain why;
*) l2tp - force l2tp to not use MPPE encryption if IPsec is used;
*) sstp - force sstp to not use MPPE encryption (it already has TLS one);
*) sstp - make it work for x86 systems
*) winbox - added dual PSU stats in health menu
*) ipv6 - Gre6 can now correctly fragment large packets
*) simple queue performance optimisation/improvement for multi-core RouterOS devices (especially CCR)




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wait a month sin upgrade
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