Tomato by Shibby正式支援Netgear R6300v2

All versions:
– GUI: Checkox to allow/deny login as „root” to GUI
– BWLimiter: Add Priority option for Default class of br0
– Allow to change username from GUI – partially taken from @Victek`s Github
– ipv6: Other ISP Configuration buton – partially taken from @Victek`s Github
– Netgear R6250 and R6300v2 are now supported (installation process is the same as on R7000 – initial image first) – thx to @qin and @chazikai24
– RAID module and mdadm tool (added to AIO and extras)
– Include NFS server feature to AIO builds

How to install:

So far暫時都幾穩定下 有興趣的ching可以嘗試
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