Merlin 378.54_1已出

378.54_1 (8-June-2015)
   IMPORTANT: if you were previously using the AiProtection ad blocker, you
              will need to manually disable it over SSH after flashing this
              release, by running the following commands:

                  nvram set wrs_adblock_popup=0
                  nvram set wrs_adblock_stream=0
                  nvram commit

   - NEW: Merged with Asus GPL 378_5134.
   - NEW: OpenVPN policy rules can now be set to route matching traffic
          through either the tunnel, or to your ISP (allowing you to
          create exceptions to your tunnelling rules)
   - NEW: Added OpenVPN server setting to let the OS manage
          socket buffers (by inserting rcvbuf 0 and sndbuf 0 in
          the server configuration)
   - CHANGED: Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.2a, adding new tls ciphers
              to OpenVPN and the https webui
   - CHANGED: Updated miniupnpd to 1.9.20150430
   - CHANGED: Reverted kernel backport of the parallel printer support,
              and reintroduced fix in lprng.  This should hopefully fix
              the recent printing breakage issues.
   - CHANGED: Removed AiProtection's ad blocker, as it's too buggy to
              be usable, breaking numerous mobile applications,
              and not being configurable in any way.
   - CHANGED: OpenVPN policy routing rules are now applied at boot
              time (when WAN comes up), so clients who are blocked while
              a tunnel is down will immediately be blocked until
              the tunnel comes up.
   - CHANGED: Upgraded Quantenna firmware to 378_6065 release (AC87)
   - FIXED: Router DNS weren't reverted to their original values
            when shutting down an OpenVPN client with "explicit-
            exit-notify" enabled.  Now we manually clean it up
            after the user manually terminates the client - it might
            still not be cleaned up after an unexpected shutdown however.
            Ideally, users should try avoiding using this setting when
  - FIXED: Some legitimate VPN packets could get dropped due to their
           conntrack state.  Now, only INVALID packets coming from the
           WAN interface are dropped.
  - FIXED: OpenVPN client would sometime try to connect before the clock had
           been set by NTP at boot time, preventing it from connecting.
  - FIXED: AiProtection security check would fail to load when Dual WAN is
  - FIXED: Various fields would allow you to enter a single quote character,
           which could break the webui.  Now these fields re-validate the
           content after you deactivate the text field.
  - FIXED: Switching between All Traffic and Policy Mode OpenVPN routing while
           the option to block traffic when the tunnel goes down wasn't
           properly removing those rules, so a tunnel going down in
           All Traffic would still block policed clients.
  - FIXED: EMF wasn't working on ARM models (missing userspace tool)

wifi 5GHz用左半日暫時仲好穩定無降速delay等問題
S6/S6 Edge,Note4用戶5GHz斷線問題應該未解決(唔係每個user都有此問題)


378.54_1 (8-June-2015)
   IMPORTANT: if you were previously using the AiProtection ad blocker, you
alanlun890 發表於 2015-6-8 16:17

    woww , me still thinking upgrade .54 alpha4 , then now hv .54_1 thx ching

btw this one need reset ? im using .53


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Thanks,師兄。  已收下享用。


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bighead 發表於 2015-6-8 17:13

    thx ching


woww , me still thinking upgrade .54 alpha4 , then now hv .54_1  thx ching

btw this on ...
benny8888 發表於 8/6/2015 16:40

merlin好似話由asus latest beta up上去先唔使reset
但我試左up完唔reset會出error log同wifi唔不穩


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各位師兄, 我用AC87U

我想問下, 當我下載大容量檔案(遊戲更新檔)


係咪FW問題(我無升過FW, 行5G wifi, 用PCE AC1900接收)