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HKBN staff call me that the contract will expire soon, to avoid the plan re-cover to normal price and he offer a 100MB plan for 24 Months at 16x/Month to me. I reject as I saw some of the HKEPC C-Hing got an offer at 116/Month in average. The staff denied HKBN provided this plan to their customer. The staff is very impolite and rude that their plan is competive compared with the company in the market and reject to offer me and claimed that it is a marketing strategy for HKBN. Finally, the staff admit that they have such plan but only at a limited offer to some of the special customers and insisted that I am not their type of customers and so I did not receive that offer. The behavior of the staff make me very angry. Is there any way to obtain a more competive offer from HKBN? How offer did HKBN update the plan at their self service website? Thank you.

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Bro, totally feel you. Similar thing happened to gf.
The sales kept calling in the middle of night, in a threatening tone too.

They want to fill the order before Aug, when the fiscal year ends.
Get his staff number and complain the shit out of him.

On the other hand, he is correct in a way that the price plan depends on address,
you don't expect Mid-levels mansions to share the same price as Sha Tin estate right?

Go on to get an idea on current offers,
then head to and manually renew online,
I was able to find decent prices on there, cheaper than new joiners.

Gd luck.


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1. Enable HKBN to e-mail you promotion details.
2. Check internet renewal plans daily

I think some $116 users are not residing in private buildings.


HKBN staff call me that the contract will expire soon, to avoid the plan re-cover to normal price an ...
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我續了$168x24 免一個月bb100


回覆 2# miloworld
I will check the plans difference between the new customer and the existing customer. Thank you for your advice.

回覆 3# wklie
I will visit the HKBN website more frequently.
If I am available, I will visit it daily. Thank you.

回覆 4# mdws2002
其實,已經用咗 HKBN 十幾年,唔係咁想轉嚟轉去。
如果 HKBN 俾個好少少嘅續約 plan 我,我諗我已經同佢續咗約…

回覆 5# sry888
HKBN 都只係俾到你呢個 plan 我…其他 plan 都唔係咁啱我。