vpn device 同 router 可唔可以分開?

只想買個有 vpn 可以在大陸通回來用,本來想買個 asus 算,vpn 加 ac, 但太貴,而且 asus vpn server 方式好似唔齊,專 vpn router 又好少有 ac, 反正家中 tplink 都未壞,心想不如買個專 vpn 唔洗 wireless, 但唔知 vpn 係放 bb 後面, 定 tplink 後面先岩呢?

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Both possible, vpn is just a server just like HTTP /FTP

You can put it after router, i.e. inside your LAN
Just port forward the ports and enable vpn passthrough into you vpn server LAN IP

On the contrary, your VPN router can be the firstline
Then your tplink can just be an access point and a switch
WAN port is then useless and you can disable DHCP and let your new VPN router do the router work