Wireless bridge/repeater 一問

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我而家用緊 一個 wireless router, 但射吾到去家中一些角落,所以在這些角落裝了一個travel router: max power WTP450. 兩個router用 LAN cable 連上,基本上在家任何角落上綱冇問題,但問題出在我有個 Apple TV 連在 main router, 如我的iPhone連在 Travel router 上,就看不到 Apple TV, 如iPhone 連上main router,就可以看到Apple tv. 我猜想是我的travel router 設定不對,或 travel router 根本做不到我想要的。

問題:我所要做的,是否 bridge mode 還是 repeater or something else?

基本上我想要 multiple wireless access point BUT all devices connected onto any of the wireless access point must be on the same network.   So regardless of which access point my iPhone is connected to, I should be able to see *all* devices connected to my main router and repeater router...   Tx.