Asuswrt-Merlin 380.58

Asuswrt-Merlin Changelog

380.58 (20-Mar-2016)
    - NEW: Merged with 380_1354 GPL
    - NEW: Added Tweaks and Hacks settings to Tools -> Other Settings.
           These are UNSUPPORTED tweaks, intended mostly for
           experimentation, or very specific situations.  If unsure how
           to apply these, manually reboot after changing them.
           One of new settings there lets you disable hourly network
           rescans, to resolve issues with NAS/printers coming out
           of sleep every hour.
    - NEW: Added setting to configure OpenVPN's auth digest algo.
    - NEW: Added setting to configure OpenVPN's logging verbosity.
           Note that this setting is global to all clients/servers.
    - CHANGED: Updated OpenVPN to 2.3.10
    - CHANGED: Updated openssl to 1.0.2g
    - CHANGED: Updated miniupnpd to 1.9.20160222
    - CHANGED: Updated udpxy to 1.0-build 23-10 (backport from GPL
    - CHANGED: if you set an OpenVPN client DNS mode to "Exclusive"
               and you enable policy-based routing, then those policies
               will also determine which DNS to use (the tunnel's or
               the ISP's).  This is based on DNSFilter's technology.
               You no longer need to use DNSFilter to control
               the DNS used by your OpenVPN clients.
    - CHANGED: Made OpenVPN traffic bypass CTF, which resolves
               some throughput issues with it
    - CHANGED: Disabled X11 Forwarding support in Dropbear,
               for security reasons.
    - FIXED: PPTP static route handling script was broken
    - FIXED: minidlna would check for the wrong database filename
             at start time
    - FIXED: Wrong status shown for VPN Client 3
    - FIXED: OpenVPN clients were run on the wrong CPU cores.
             Now, odd instances correctly run on the second core.
    - FIXED: Using DNSFilter with default mode set to "router" would
             prevent using the router for IPv6 lookups.
    - FIXED: Account limit wasn't properly allowing up to 10
             clients for SMB/FTP (patch by vit9696)
    - FIXED: Having multiple OpenVPN clients configured with
             multiple "Accept DNS configuration" modes would
             only apply the last client's setting.  Now, we
             apply the most restrictive setting of all
             configured clients.
    - FIXED: RT-AC68U 2.4 GHz was broken if CTF was disabled
             (downgraded wifi driver to
    - FIXED: Diasbling the SIP NAT helper would also drop all port 5060
             traffic.  Some users need to keep the SIP helper disabled
             with their SIP client.  Reverted that GPL 858 change.