Upgrade firmware failed: Cisco SG200-18 18-port Gigabit Smart Switch

各位Ching,有冇用緊呢隻SWITCH?我最近想UPGRADE個firmware,由1.3.5.58 到1.4.5.02,但佢話我個file size太大,upload到96%就停咗...

各位Ching,有冇用緊呢隻SWITCH?我最近想UPGRADE個firmware,由1.3.5.58 到1.4.5.02,但佢話我個file size ...
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冇睇 release notes?

由 1.3.x 升上 1.4.x,由於Flash個file system大改,要先升級左個boot loader先可以再升firmware,而升級boot loader係要經TFTP去做,唔可以由Web GUI去完成。

Change in Flash file system
• In versions 1.3.5 and later, the Flash file system has been upgraded. This has
implications when upgrading from previous releases to version 1.3.5, and
when downgrading from 1.3.5 or later to previous versions as described

Upgrading from previous releases
During the first bootup of the new image version (1.3.5.x or 1.3.7.x), the flash file
system is upgraded and:
• This process takes a few minutes. “…” progress in the Console will be displayed during this process (not relevant to Sx200).
• The syslog file is deleted during this process.
• The original image file is deleted. The two images on the Flash after the upgrade will have the same version (1.3.5.x/1.3.7.x).

Before upgrading to version 1.3.5 and later, the boot loader also needs to be updated.
If version 1.3.5 or later is installed using the original boot loader, the file system will
not be upgraded, and in the future the user will not be allowed to upgrade to
versions higher than 1.3.5.

Boot Time when Upgrading to 1.4.x.x   
Software version 1.4.0.x includes upgraded firmware to the PoE controller. The PoE
controller is upgraded automatically when the device is first booted, which makes
the boot time longer (~7 minutes). During this time, the device is not responsive;
however if a terminal is connected to the console port, the upgrade progress in
percentage is displayed. If the upgrade process is interrupted (for example,
device is shut down during this process), the upgrade restarts when the device is
booted next.


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Yes, need TFTP server..... fixed it already!!!

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