ipTIME新firmware(韓文) v9.95.4

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Firmware Information

◾ product distribution:

Gigabit 11AC Family
ipTIME A6004NS / A5004NS / A3004 / A3004Dual / A3004NS-Dual / A1004NS
ipTIME A2004NS-R / A2004NS / A2004NSplus / A2004plus / A2004 / A2004R / A2008

11AC 100Mbps family
ipTIME A604 / A604V / A104R

◾ Firmware Version: 9.95.4

◾ Firmware Status: Full version (beta feature Mobile manager)

◾ major changes
ipTIME iUX and support functions Mobile Manager App (Beta)
- IpTIME iUX is a new UX for smartphones.
- You can use all the features of the router via ipTIME iUX.
After searching the iPhone App Store / Android Market in a "iptime mobile",
Install and use the ipTIME Mobile Manager.

- If you do not have to install the App connected to the router through a browser on a smartphone
You can use the Mobile Manager functionality.
- Mobile Manager feature is currently in beta status.

◾ iUX product support plans
- 11AC wireless products - ipTIME A3004NS / A1004 / A1004V / A104 / A104NS
- Some 11n wireless products

◾ Automatic Firmware Upgrade: Automatic upgrade utility]
Please refer to the product-specific changes ◾ board firmware. Firmware Forum Shortcuts

During an upgrade due to unforeseen circumstances failure, you can restore the firmware, see the article below.
Reference> [Firmware Recovery