about VPN for andorid

dear both, office have a old win 2003 which have VPN function.

I tested, if using PC/mac/iphone, is ok.

But if connect by andorid, the server events log, will show about GRE protocol blocked... , so I cannot connect by any android phone.

we are using tp-link 1043D , and this VPN is using over 2 years. But most of the user is using computer and Iphone, which no any problem.   (I assume not relate to ISP/SIM card, because if using PC / Iphone, it is ok for same ISP or same telcom.)

Today,I Just test with android phone, it have this error.
any idea?

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you should call admin to see whats going on.

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thanks for info..but admin no idea now...


I don't have any problem for win2003 at office and win2008 at home both vpn (PPTP & L2TP)

my android phone setup with PPP (MPPE) enabled (PPTP)
if cannot, you may try to setup with L2TP.


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之前讀書,試過某D 行新Android Version (e.g. Android 4.0 or above @2013)的電話駁唔返Campus 的L2TP IPSec VPN,要等IT staff 做野Update VPN Server/Router 至用到...
關唔關事Android 機要NAT再開Port?
For L2TP/IPSec:
Port 500 UDP / Port 4500 UDP / Port 1701 UDP and protocol 50 (ESP)
Port 1723 / and protocol 47 (GRE)

BTW 推介Softether VPN Server,支援SSL, L2TP IPsec,open source,最重要官方定期出update,幾新的Android, IOS, Windows Client都用到VPN...


Look like my Tplink 1043D blocked protocol 47 (GRE)? so I got this err when connect by Andorid? thanks

or can  I use L2TP, in my PPTP VPN server? or must setup in another server?