tplink 1043D l2tp vpn

I have forwarded the port 4500 1701 450 and all VPN can pass through to my windows 2008 VPN server IP.

tested using internal IP which is ok.

But I still cannot connect by Public IP.

anyone have idea? what I am missing?

our ISP didn't block anything.

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my port forwarded are : 1701, 4500, 500 alao 5500 (forget what for this port)

and if you are using windows on another side behind a router to connect to this server, you need special REG modification to allow these windows pc to connect.


what mean by REG Modif? and forward the port 1701, 4500, 500,  5500

My pc can connect to my internal IP,but cannot connect by Public IP...



How about if I connect by Iphone ISO 10?