Draytek Vigor 2952 Firmware v3.8.4.1,新增功能及加強 AP管理~12/26/2016

Release Note for Vigor2952 Firmware Version:

Release Type: Critical - Upgrade recommended immediately

Vigor2952 is a broadband router with dual-WAN interface. It provides policy-based load-balance,
fail-over and BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), also it integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users control works well with large bandwidth.

New Features:

* Support PoE.
* Support IPv6 RIPng.
* Support HA (for IPv6).
* Support central switch management.
* Support diagnose for firewall.


* Improved: Security improvements including one or more considered critical.
* Improved: Integrate the security technologies for DNS.
* Improved: Support IP Alias settings in LAN>>General Setup for multi-gateway.
* Improved: Function improvement for session limit and bandwidth limit (IPv4 and IPv6).
* Improved: Add quick setting links for ARP and routing configuration in IP Object profile.
* Improved: Filename format for configuration backup.

http://www.draytek.com.tw/ftp/Vi ... 952_v3.8.4.1_en.zip