Draytek 2960 FW Ver1.3.0

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Ver 1.3.0 出左兩個禮拜, 無用家留意?
IPSec VPN 終於支援 IKEv2.
多左一個新既 GRE Tunnel VPN.
終於加左一個好多舊用家都想要既 AP/Switch Controller.
一個全新, 排版幾簡潔既 Mobile 版使用介面.

Mobile 版介面排版

AP/Switch Controller 介面排版

舊介面中央管理多出一组 AP/Switch Controller 按鍵

IPSec IKEv2 VPN 連線分類係紫色既

GRE Tunnel VPN


New Features
 Support IKEv2 for IPsec
 Support Central Management for AP.
 Support Central Management for Switch.
 Add additional web (responsive version) pages for mobile device.
 Support DNS Security in Applications.
 Support Server Load balance feature.

 Improved: Support Xauth for IPsec remote dial in VPN connection.
 Improved: Support "Auto adjustment to make the best utilization of available bandwidth" in bandwidth limit function.
 Improved: Support TLS 1.2.
 Improved: Improvement for Fail to Ban / Access Barrier.
 Improved: Support User Object/Group and LDAP GRP in Bandwidth Management>>Sessions /Bandwidth Limit page.
 Improved: Add the notification sending mechanism when detecting another DHCP Server.- 2 -
 Improved: Add manual switch button for HA hot-standby mode.
 Improved: Support Auto Timezone settings.
 Improved: RADIUS page design.
 Improved: Add guest profile to firewall.
 Improved: Add VPN Mail Alert Delay option in Notification settings.
 Improved: Traffic Graph >> CPU Usage diagram display.
 Improved: Support dynamic prefix for IPv6 LAN.
 Improved: Add an option to disable User Login Mail Alert.
 Improved: VPN Profiles is allowed to be renamed.
 Improved: Support VPN status (online/offline) shown on profile list page.
 Improved: Allow to set gateway address for DHCP settings.
 Improved: Support “Using SSL” to encrypt LDAP.
 Improved: Support “Domain Main” instead of "LAN IP" for Web Portal Redirect page.
 Improved: Support “OpenDNS” in DDNS.
 Improved: Add “Login History” for web portal access.
 Improved: Turn on WAN DHCP Client Mode by default.
 Improved: Support schedule reboot only on weekdays.
 Improved: Support wildcard in LAN DNS.
 Improved: Support GRE tunnel for establishing VPN with Cisco router.
 Improved: Support USB modem WeTelecom WM-D300.
 Improved: Add an option “block all incoming traffic” for firewall default policy.
 Improved: Support “Email Alert” for WAN status change.
 Improved: Add “WAN IP Alias” in Ping/Trace Route.
 Improved: Support STARTTLS for Mail Alert function.
 Improved: Allow to view certification information in web user interface.
 Improved: Support to modify the service provider option in DDNS setup page.
 Improved: Add "Search" feature for IP/Service objects, groups, firewall rules, NAT, VPN profiles.
 Improved: Add a Priority Graph hint button in Policy Route Priority field.
 Improved: Add "Apply Settings to APs" in System Maintenance >> TR-069.
 Improved: Add a button to clear the dead line time for guest user account.
 Improved: Support updating DDNS by HTTPS and add “domains.google.com” as one of the service provider hosts.
 Improved: Support SSL VPN in Central Management for VPN.
 Improved: Support SHA2 for SSH connection.
 Improved: Add maximum login number option for guest users.
 Improved: WAN interface can be specified for SSL VPN services.
 Improved: Add source IP address for choosing in Port Redirection.
 Improved: Add service object option in policy rule.
 Improved: Support SPF/TXT DNS Record for WAN Inbound Load Balance feature.- 3 -
 Improved: Support “Change Default Route” to IPsec VPN (without GRE) by “Apply NAT Policy”.
 Improved: Add the schedule option in user profile for remote dial-in VPN connection.
 Improved: WAN interface can be specified for PPTP remote dial-in VPN connection.
 Improved: Change default IPsec proposal DH Group from G2 to G5.
 Improved: Support policy route with time schedule profile.
 Improved: Support more local subnet on VPN IPsec profile.
 Improved: Add Search Button in LDAP to allow users to see and select the Base DN/Group DN
 Improved: Support enforcing HTTPS management.
 Improved: Support conditional DNS forwarding in LAN DNS (Type: FORWARD)
 Improved: Support Root CA Signing.
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upgrade 咗,唔該哂,好似比以前爽咗啲,唔知係咪錯覺,不過入router control 介面好似耐咗,成5秒先可以打名同密碼。