The Stock for iPad 3G have arrived at Sintat already

Yesterday I saw G-World at Sintat having stock of the iPad 3G.  

They were selling the iPad 3G 64GB for $9800.  Lol!

However, you can get the iPad 3G 64GB at the Yahoo auctions for $8200.  

Have you guys heard from any local sites that the iPad 3G works with the local sim cards?  I heard from one of my friend's at Sintat that it does work and we need to just cut the sim.  

Any link of anyone who has tried this?

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Is that yours?

So 3G works fine!!

Yes!  So I have some good use of the useless and crap 3HK unlimted data plan that I still have until July 2010.   I am so waiting to end my 3HK contract in July 2010.  Until then I will use it for the iPad 3G and enjoy internet anywhere and anytime.


wow 9.8K...
真係無野叻, 最叻略水


There are many guys who have lots of money in Hong Kong.  Some are willing to buy both iPads while some are willing to spend $10K for the iPad 3G.