Warranty question for the Parallel import version of iPad

I am hearing that the iPads from USA carry worldwide warranty.  So if we buy from the US, we can still get the warranty from Apple in HOng Kong.

My question is when will the iPad warranty be effective from?

Accordingly to the Apple receipt it shows that the warranty is effective from the day you purchase the iPad.

For example if the iPad was bought on 1 May then the warranty is effective from 1 May 2010 and will end on 1 May 2011

So for those guys who bought their iPads from Sintat how will they know when their ipads were bought?   May be their iPad was bought 2 weeks ago or even 3 weeks ago.  So are they losing 2 to 3 weeks of warranty?

Just something I was thinking about when I was keeping my apple receipt in the iPad box.
The receipt has the serial no and the warranty date on it.

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I asked my friend in USA.  Warranty effective date is on the apple receipt.


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最好SEND個EMAIL去問APPLE啦 (之後再話俾我地知個答案 )

就咁係度問或者問FRIEND 人人都有唔同答案


you can check the warranty period on apple support website by entering the serial no