iPhone 3GS 電量20%以下出現的問題

我部3GS 電量當少過 20% (通常1x%) 唔知點解同部電腦Sync唔到同叉唔到電 ~

個 USB 已經係直接插係Motherboard個 USB 到!! (ASUS 790GX 版)
個 Juice pack 同個 Momax 都叉唔起有時detect到有時detect唔到!

但係用 USB 火牛又叉得起! 叉到3x%之後情況就正常返可以同電腦 sync 同叉電。

我部機set 在用3G同push mail 都幾食電下,唔知有無關呢?

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in short, your iphone and computer are normal.
push mail enable only makes iphone consume more power. it has nothing to do with your situation.
let me try to explain.
normal usb port can only deliver 500 mA. if battery is over discharged, usb port can not deliver enough current  to charge up battery. therefore, the usb voltage drops.
as usb voltages drops below normal range, usb port IC can not detect the existence of iphone.

(my psp also suffer this problem too)


我真係建議你返代理Check Check部機。


叉唔到電唔出奇,因為如果你塊板同你隻牛都可能係導致問題既原凶, 但係detect 唔到就怪d. 你會唔會有太多USB device 呀