X7 firmware version 1.1

http://www.head-fi.org/t/713735/ ... ule-developers/6735

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ru5ph ... ota-update.ZIP?dl=0

The following changes and improvements were made to firmware version 1.1 compared to 1.0:
(to be added)

How to update X7's firmware
Before updating:
1. Make sure that the X7 is adequately charged (preferably fully charged).
2. Switch X7 from Pure Music mode to Android Mode and restart X7 (if not already in Android Mode) so that Android functions may be accessed: pull down settings menu from the right and click Mode button to change from Pure Music to Android and reboot

To update:
1. Connect the X7 to your computer via the provided USB cable
2. Pull down status menu from left, select USB Connected->Turn on USB storage
3. Copy the provided update zip file to an easily accessible location on the X7, preferably the root directory of the external SD card
4. Eject the X7's drives on the computer to cleanly unmount the X7 from the computer; disconnect the USB cable
5. Click on the Home button (middle soft button at the bottom) to go to the Android homescreen and click Support->Update
6. Browse to the update zip file loaded, click on it and click OK to confirm the update
7. X7 will reboot, enter update mode to apply the update, and reboot back into Android when the update is complete.

Thanks for the information.



係 1.1 定 1.11 ?


IMG_20151126 adj.jpg
2015-11-26 11:15

終於可以熄燈 ... 1.11




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回覆 4# photosilicone

Dropbox 內的是FW 1.1, 請問FW v1.11在哪裡可下載?
同時請教如何熄燈? 謝謝


回覆 6# leoluk

我冇攪錯的話, fw1.1 只係加咗多國語言 ... 奇怪点會放咗 fw1.1 出嚟 ...

fw1.11 beta 只係放俾我哋班白老鼠試, upgrade 後入去設定 > 顯示 > 呼吸燈 咁就可以改。
(但一定要在安卓模式下, 語言用簡體字至可以用倒呢個功能)

2015-11-26 14:07


回覆 7# photosilicone



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你又嚟踢爆 ...

fw1.11 係細聲咗, 不過 ...


回覆  photosilicone

其實Beta版唔一定差過正式版,你睇X1就知,個1.51操作性係好過正式版1.6,只係1.6個 ...
snp386 發表於 2015-11-26 14:12

    師兄想問一下你意見,你覺得 X1 邊個 firmware 最好? 我係舊版 hardware