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Hi guy! I don't know why when I try to recover my pc through my ghost back up point 26 Jan, but after recover and I can't boot into the os. It's show a blue screen c000021a error.
Anyway I choose another restore point 11 Dec, then I can boot into the system. But the problem is I can't open my new word file which create after 11 Dec. Can someone tell me how to fix it? I believe it's regarding the user problem, but I try so many way but still cannot fix it.

Pls help! Thanks!

(I'm using Windows 7 64bit, thanks!)

Any help?


no way,  the 11 dec, ghost has problem,

may be, use 11 dec ghost recovery window, and use winxpe cd boot up,
save/backup all data files (if can read)

data file should seperated from windows drive.


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Thanks! My data has seperated on other drive, just curious why my ghost file has problem....
Actually I've found out the problem, coz I remove 1 hard disk and this movement change the drive letter. So that's why I cannot use word and other software.... After I reset the ramdisk drive letter and also relocate the temp/ page file to ramdisk, problem solved! Thanks for your help :)

BTW, I guess I better make my ghost file into a "standalone" back up file is much more better than a restore point, although it's waste a little bit more the space.....


Coz it's so funny that my Jan ghost file doesn't included the files on "windows folder", that is a part of the Dec restore point. And I guess that's why I cannot ghost back with Jan restore point....