PCI-E x16 problems

I have some weird problems with my motherboard

Here is my computer spec

i7 930
6gb 1600 Ram
480 GTX
DFI T3H6 (x16/x16 PCI-E xifre/sli)

Ok here is the problem
I was using 2x5850 and the computer ran fine with x16/x16 speeds
But yesterday when I changed to a 480GTX, both slots ran fine with x16/x16
But I rebooted and suddenly the first slot PCI-E ran with x1 speeds
I rebooted and the same slot ran with x8 speeds
No matter how many times I reboot, the motherboard keeps running the card at x1 or x8
The other slot works fine, always x16, which I am using now
I am 100% sure the Motherboard is supposed to run both at x16
The bios is at default except for the 4ghz overclock with a 1.285 vcore adjustment
Is there anyway to force the PCI-E to run at x16?

Is my PCI-E slot broken?
I want to SLi another 480 later, but I can afford it to run at x8 speeds =.=

Thank you for all the help





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