Intel Core i-3 hd graphics 1080p problem

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Monior : Benq LCD TV

no problem by VGA output but
I am using HDMI output of the mainboard to connect monitor,

I can choose all the Resoultion of the intel hd graphic

but when i choose 1920 x 1080 the monitor seem cannot show all the desktop some out of the range.
But the  Monitor Show its displaying in 1080 mode

And i try to connect the monitor with my older machince (intel 82945G) , it can display 1080 properly

search from web  and someone  in a forum of hifivision  guess.......
is this a mapping 1:1 pixel problem (EDID)

Anyone know the reason of the problem and how to fix it?
I've updated to latest driver and intel seems no such FAQ

Please help and thanks a lot