[Help] GA-EX58-UD4P onboard sound - Clicking and poping noise on stereo audio!

Onboard sound, only digital output (SPDIF) is used!!

No problem if going through WASAPI; AC3 and DTS are fine too.

But if I play stereo audio (fixed at 16bit) through directsound or waveout, random noises are poping out from time to time.  Very annoying, because this also cause problem on all flash audio!  This is not a browser or flash plugin problem, tested with several media players too.

Tried both drivers from Gigabyte or the latest from Realtek, no help!
Does this have to do with MS UAA driver?

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Have not used WindowsMP for ages.
What have u got in mind?


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    Does it happen when playback in Windows Media Player?


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    Have you install any Audio Driver like ASIO4ALL? I recommended to remove and upd ...
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No ASIO4ALL, cause WASAPI is available.  I've updated all drivers to latest already.  I also used latency checker to check the system, and there are latency, but I disabled the device one by one, or in groups. latency didn't improve much.  And if WASAPI and 5.1 are fine, I don't think latency is an issue here, but I'm not sure.


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    Have you install any Audio Driver like ASIO4ALL? I recommended to remove and update all the driver like display and audio, Intel Chipset driver. Do a full Windows updates.

I have your problems few years ago on the Creative sound-card but never heard on the on-board's.
That's the problems on the PCI channel bandwidth and compatible issue with 3com 3C905C NIC.


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Win 7 Ent. x64
i7, 3% cpu usage.


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What OS you are using?
Is the noise comes out and the computer is in high processor usage.