Cannot play the game: Lego batman 2 PC

install 完
一 run 個 game ,dvd行兩行之後mon就全黑無野睇

press Ctrl-Alt-Delete 開 task manager
screen resolution 細咗 同個game 仲load緊

行Win 7 + Q6600 + GT240 meet 到 system requirement
已update display driver


可能係 Game 那個解析度更新頻率過高

Game 行 Windows mode or  手動設定正確解析度 & 更新頻率

Just in case anyone needs it, I solved the problem. I had to find the config file, which is hidden by default, at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO Batman 2. Then manually changed the resolution to match my screen.


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Just change the Language for non-unicode program to US Englsih.

Thanks for your reply.