windows server hang when explorer folder

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hardware Systen X3400 M3 2gb Ram
server windows 2008R2 sp1 ENG
client windows 7 CHT
當client 機用file manager 瀏覽server 裡的share drive某些file.
個client 的file manager就會no response 而且其他client 都進入唔到server login 都唔得,同時server 就會hang 機.

client 要close file manager
因為已經hang 左..其他client 都進入唔到server login 都唔得
所以server 就要夾硬按制reboot...

PS:share drive某些file是普通file.而有些是綠色字的folder<--唔知關唔關事

Server side: ENG Windows server 2008r2 sp1 ESET end point virus

Client side: CHT / ENG windows 7 sp1 ESET end point virus

When windows 7 open network drive some certain folder   .The file explorer with be slow then hang.
Window server 2008r2 same time with be hang and stop responding .Need press power button to reboot.

Please help me.
Why client side can effective the server side ..