Raid Rebuild problem

I have a win2003 server in office with Raid5

One of the HDD die, so Need change it.

But when I insert a new HDD, when it rebuilding about 0.5 hours, then it say fail.

then more then 1 hour, my server hang...and then I need to cut the power to shut down.

And then the Windows corrupt.

And then I need delete all Raid and re create the Raid with this HDD again, then everything ok

my question is , If this New HDD something wrong, why I can still re create the Raid ?

Now installed windos 2003 , and working fine.


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Controller / Software都可以係原因之一


IBM x235 server
But why when I re create the Raid,everything ok? maybe Win2003 problem?


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I am not a tech person, but I think it may be the causes for it:

1) Your system has not only the HDD failure, but also the file corruption, so the RAID cannot rebuild.
2) The RAID has multiple failures  that cannot be recovered by RAID5.
3) The malfunction of RAID controller or software cause missed detection of errors.