Corsair HX火牛保養

我隻Corsair HX-620W火牛 2009 Oct 買,今日壞咗,上網睇好似係保7年,唔知有無Ching知係咪真係7年,同而家係咪altech保even你買個時唔係距代理,Thanks!

我隻Corsair HX-620W火牛 2009 Oct 買,今日壞咗,上網睇好似係保7年,唔知有無Ching知係咪真係7年,同而家 ...
terry.wong 發表於 2015-2-20 23:03

    Advanced High Performance Power Supply Line for the Enthusiast PC

The Corsair HX620W/HX520W power supply is versatile and robust. Utilizing superior triple +12V power rails and a whisper quiet double ball-bearing 120mm fan, the HX620W/HX520W is ready for today’s most power hungry components. The HX620W/HX520W conforms to the latest ATX12V 2.2/EPS12V 2.91 and RoHS standards, and delivers unparalleled continuous power to all of your critical system components reliably and safely.  Corsair’s easily detachable and flexible modular cables allow you to use only the cables you need and enhance the air flow inside your system. The HX620W/HX520W is backed with a Limited 5-Year Warranty and Corsair’s legendary customer service.


thanks! ching ,剛剛過咗,too bad!