SSD強制關機後boot 唔到入Windows, 求救

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琴晚我部電腦有d 怪, 全部software 冇反應, mouse 郁到,用埋工作管理員都關唔到d software. 想禁關機都關唔到. 咁我唯有禁個開機制幾秒熄機, 咁熄左之後再開就boot 唔到入windows.

BIOS 仲detect 到個ssd,  但boot 唔到入windows, 一開機首先係asus logo(正常), 跟住就黑mon, 左上角有個減號(好似cmd咁既style), 閃左陣就入左BIOS

有冇人可以話我知咩問題? 有冇可能整得返正常工作?定係直接重裝windows,  再唔係rma 拎去代理?


"In most cases, your SSD can be returned to normal operating condition by completing a power cycle. The process will take approximately one hour.

We recommend you perform this procedure on a desktop computer because it allows you to only connect the SATA power connection, which improves the odds of the power cycle being successful. However, a USB enclosure with an external power source will also work. Apple and Windows desktop users follow the same steps.

1. Once you have the drive connected and sitting idle, simply power on the computer and wait for 20 minutes. We recommend that you don't use the computer during this process.

2. Power the computer down and disconnect the drive for 30 seconds.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at least one more time.

4. Reconnect the drive normally, and boot the computer to your operating system.

5. If the latest firmware has not been updated to your drive, do so. Go to Product Downloads - Firmware Updates for our firmware updatese."

So do anyone know what is going on? Is there any possibility of saving my SSD back? If no, can I still use the SSD to install the OS again or do a RMA?

求解, 唔該ching

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睇下救唔救到先, 救到就唔重裝, 同埋咁樣謝算用到都唔知重裝定rma 完先重裝好