Toshiba 4TB 硬碟容量

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裝Win10時,貪方便介咗2T做 C drive就算數,伊家想用理剩餘尐位
但係搞唔掂,會唔會塊板太舊唔support 4TB drive.

MB: Foxconn G41MX 2.0
CPU: E7500
GPU: Onboard
RAM: DDR2 -800 2G + 2G ( Total 4GB)
HDD:  Toshiba 4T
OS: Win 10 (professional)
Win10 HDD.png
2016-4-22 16:27

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舊板行BIOS,Boot drive一定行MBR,死症黎喎

"** Capacity beyond 2 TB cannot be addressed by Windows if the disk is initialized by using the MBR partitioning scheme. For example, for a 3 TB single disk that is initialized by using MBR, Windows can create partitions up to the first 2 TB. However, the remaining capacity cannot be addressed and, therefore, cannot be used. "

要用盡4TB,一係用隻舊HDD做boot drive行MBR,隻4T就做non bootable secondary drive行GPT。