PCI Slot Cooler?

I bought a silverstone PS04 case with a Inno3D 560SE card.

I found the PS04 only have one front 120mm and one back 120mm slot.  The sides have no place for any fans.  I bought a Gelid S12 (1000rpm) fan for the front, and use the fan that came with the case at the back (don't know the rpm).

I read that the 560SE is a very hot card.

So I worry if the PS04 with the 560SE will make the case too hot.  Should I buy a PCI slot cooler to put it next to the Inno3D to help reduce the heat?  (actually, do PCI slot cooler exist today?  I bought mine over 10 years ago!)

If yes, are there any suggestions on what PCI slot cooler to buy?


現時仍有 PCI SLOT 的 COOLER FAN 賣,基本上有兩種,一種是從機箱內抽風出箱外,另一種是插在 DISPLAY CARD 之類高熱量的CARD旁邊的 SLOT,直接吹風向 DISPLAY CARD 幫助散熱,新高登三樓專賣散熱器的舖頭有較多選擇,大約都是三,四十元左右。


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Thanks Ching.

If only 2 fans in case (one front one back), and if I add PCI slot cooler, is it better to
a) blow wind from PCI slot cooler to card and let back 120mm fan blow wind out of case
b) blow wind from card to outside case directly?

The back 120mm fan is the only fan to blow wind out of case...

(BTW CPU is i5-2320 with Intel cooler only)


如只買一把的話愚見認為用直接吹風去DISPLAY CARD 的那種 SLOT FAN(通常有兩把8CM風扇)會較有效。留意安裝的方向應令吹走的熱風流向你機箱尾的12CM 風扇讓它抽出。


OK thanks Ching!


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