Perils of getting Eizo ColorEdge mons

Recently sent some questions to CS, here are the responses from Synnex

a. (on why ColorEdge CS/CX do not have video preset modes) ColorEdge CS is positioning to the entry level while CX to the presumer level graphic monitor. Thus, there is some functionalities differentiate from the CG series, and also the price discrepancy. Besides, only the CG series builds with dual 3D LUT which can emulate DI colour profile accurately. After all, ColorEdge CS/CX is designed for photography, design and printing industry, but not for the broadcasting in advance owing to its hardware limitations. However, you may still emulate your captioned colour profiles through the ColorNavigator. Please read the ColorNavigator user manual.

b. (regarding support on newer monitor models for XP/Vista users) That is a concept of a System Development Cycle. To design an application, it relies on both hardware, operating system, and software, i.e. input-process-output, e.g. a software developer cannot fix the bugs standalone without the OS vendor’s support, and a new monitor driver cannot be developed without an OS vendor. XP is obsoleted by Microsoft since 2014. No matter on system stability, compatibility and security, there is no guaranty on R & D new products,. e.g. a new feature of software application update go through firewall automatically may be resulted in security threats to user; or a new updated application runs on legacy system unstably.

So anyone stuck with older system esp. XP/Vista (or OSX 10.6x or before) are pretty much screwed, unless you decide to get an older model, since only older version of ColorNavigator can support such said older systems
And for those dealing with video workflows, looks like CS/CX are no good......