esata + docking

Hi... want to buy a 1T external hd with esata docking.....mother board (2 yrs ago) has no esata... only has sata-2 and empty pci-e slots... is it possible to make use of esata:

(1) sata-2 => esata cable....  (any in the market ?? )
(2) pci card => esata  (not sure if there is such a product)

any recommendations?? (also can make use of hotswap?)


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For option 1, you need to make sure your computer and the OS is already installed the AHCI driver, otherwise, the hot plug and play will not be supported.
The convert cable can buy in the computer center, but I have an experience when I buy the estat docking is included this convert sata to esata cable.


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Why not?

Just buy a PCI eSATA card.

Yes, for option 2, use PCI esata card is normally can support the hot plug and play, coz the PCI card driver always included.


thanks bro..
do you know the market price of such pci esata card?

also, how many esata sockets would be offered at the backpane?


so.. need to buy the following:

(1) 1T HD
(2) PCI to esata card
(3) Docking...