Transcend Jetflash 760 32GB USB3.0 ATTO

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Transcend Jetflash 760 32GB USB3.0 - $250

am3 780G USB2.0
w31  r35 ... 42&pid=26805919

H67 motherboard with renesas chipset for USB3.0

FAT32 - W24, R29
NTFS - W24, R27

FAT32 - W36, R65
NTFS - W36, R57
transcend 760 usb2 fat32.jpg
transcend 760 usb3 fat32.jpg
transcend 760 usb2 ntfs.jpg
transcend 760 usb3 ntfs.jpg

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16GB version  write speed only around 20 MB/sec for both usb2.0&3.0


Looks like it works very fast on an amd chipset USB 2.0 controller  :)

AM3 780G motherboard USB2.0

fat32 test
w31  r35
transcend 760 amd usb2 fat32.jpg


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no idea why it was missing. probably just a display error in the atto program.

h67 tests were done using atto 2.41
780g test was done using atto 2.46

It might not be the fastest USB3.0 drive around. But it definitely works great via USB2.0  with a very good c/p. Actually I was quite surprise that it was faster on my amd USB2.0 controller over the intel USB2.0 controller.


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Why same speed for both usb2.0 and usb3.0 ?
So why buy a usb3.0 card?
a2899 發表於 2012-2-8 21:26

1) hard to find a decent USB2.0 drive. Some  USB 2.0 drives have very poor write speed <10MB/sec and read speed of only 10-20MB/sec

2) works great on usb2.0 ports  and OK read speed via USB3.0

3) this usb3.0 drive isn't that much more expensive than other usb2.0 drive.

4) I don't like usb drives that uses caps. easy to lose.

5) this drive isn't that expensive considering it is a well known brand.

I don't have a 16GB card to test. However, according to transcend for the jetflash 700.

USB 3.0
8GB - w12, r53
16GB - w20, r70
32GB - w30, r70

so I assume the 760 16G speeds will be pretty similar.


software..... you have to download from transcend website.

-transcend Elite data management

have never tried on a TV setup box.

Lots of usb drive test results ... 48&pid=23754162

And you can always browse through this website for other USB3.0 speed. I quite like the look of the sony drive but it was like double the price of the one I got. ... &extra=page%3D6