dvd rom all code 問題

仲用緊 asus 16x dvdrom, 看過機次唔同區dvd得番2次可以改. 有冇software 可以整整距, n年前整過已經唔記得點整,,,

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You definitely have an RPC2 rom drive, but you did not take any precautionary measures to safeguard against region lock so you instead took things for granted

Flashing your drive with a tweaked firmware may render your rom drive RPC1 (the first step to region free), but that highly depends on drive model
Therefore, you need to know the exact model number of your drive to determine if a firmware update is indeed available, and that the firmware can be tweaked to unlock region restrictions

In addition, you'll also need additional software to cloak region restrictions on system level
Go Google "dvd region css free" to try your luck
Alternatively there is "DVDFab Passkey" but again you're on your own