Tips on getting 2nd hand DVD writer?

Any good tips on what to watch for when buying used drives in SSP?

Also, thinking of getting 1-2 Pioneer drives as backup components
Which one is most reliable?  215 or 216 or 217?
What are the weakest points of these models (other than being bad scanners)?

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Why bother to get 2nd hand since the brand new one cost only $1xx ?


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Obvious reason...
Lack of reliable NEC chipset in modern models eg. 218, 219

BTW will only look for such older Pioneer models due to good burn performance, and guaranteed rpc1 firmware


i got my 7260s from CxxFxx


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You'll have to give me more clue...
No idea where CxxFxx is

And BTW, how much for the 7260?  Bulk or box? Any hacked rpc1 firmware ever available?
And does it allow 4x CD-R burning?

Optiarc is good but if no rpc1 (even hacked) firmware is available then it's a shame


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This one la...
Phone and ask them first.

Sony DRU-870S / DRU-875S are also with NEC inside.

And sony is never good, it always with problem with the door opening, but NEC chips is good for burning. For reading disc, LiteOn is better. 7260s is no box version.


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Have checked with CxxxxFxxxx last night but they said they stopped selling Sony etc. drives already

So when did you get your 7260?  Any pics?  Have you flashed the drive with Liggy's firmware?

Everyone knows LiteOn drives are excellent scanners but AFAIK CD-R jitter testing is not available (only BenQ drives can do that) on DiscSpeed

BTW, do you know where to find a LiteOn iHAS124Y?
Yes, with Y suffix ie. NEC chip inside...
CxxxFxxx only has iHAS124C, no good


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i got mine from CxxxFxxx, if no more stock then...
they have some models for pioneer

not sure where to get BenQ

there is one old drive here, you can ask about it ... amp;product=7193858