[Docking] 有辦法令 eSATA 支援 port multiplier 嗎?

最近淘了一隻 orico 3529rus3,幾舊水又有風扇,應該會比一般 docking 好....
但原來我的 eSATA 不支援 port multiplier ,所以只能夠讀寫第一隻。請問有辦法嗎?還是只能行 USB3?

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For eSATA port multiplier support, either Sil3132 expresscard (for notebook) or Sil3132 pci-e card (for desktop with pci-e slot) is required (...most PCs/notebooks have no built-in Sil3132 chipset).

Or just use a USB 3.0 port.