[SD/MMC] Difference between Sandisk Ultra 200GB microSD & the Sandisk 200gb for LG?

I have noticed that many shops are selling the Sandisk 200GB microsd card for $1200 or $1300.

What is the difference between this one and the one that LG has bundled for their V10 phone?

Are they both the same microSD card?

應該同一樣野,但 LG 送既,上面印咗 LG logo


I spoke to Sandisk dealer and they said it is pratically the same.   The LG one is an OEM packing for LG and carries no warranty if damaged.   

The retail packing gives 10 years warranty.


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I spoke to Sandisk dealer and they said it is pratically the same.   The LG one is an OEM packing fo ...
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Then the difference is huge, "10 yrs of warranty" VS "none"

There are plenty of LG OEM version available in various 2nd hand markets but the price is not that 'cheap'.   Basically ... not worth to take the risk.   However, if we happen to buy a LG and got that free gift, that's fine.

I guess, there might be a chance that those with higher quality (may be having a bit better QC ...) are sold in retail packages with 10 years of warranty, while the rest of the lower quality batches (for whatever reasons...) are deemed as LG OEM.


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It can be but some of those selling the LG OEM MicroSD informed me that these are the same but if used with phones or tablets which support the inand 7232 technology will benefit with faster speed.

Meaning if we use the ram with the LG V10 the performance should be better than using it with say Galaxy Note 4 or HTC M9.

The guys selling the LG ram are selling them for $900.   I thought it will be better to get the retail one for $1190.  Got it last night at Mong Kok Computer Center.


well you can buy from amazon.com

99 usd  a bit cheaper

FYI, Sandisk warranty is global.


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product ... ;smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER

no stock right now
have to wait 1 month or more (2 week + 2 week shipping )


That is the thing.  I don't like waiting.

According to Sandisk, they said warranty claims have to be dealt through the dealers.


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Not exactly true.  It is recommended to do warranty claim through dealers.  But sandisk hk do accept rma by post at 火炭


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I see.  I have not claimed warranty recently but I know in the past I did go to the dealer.

I know the deal at Amazon is amazing but I needed a mem card before installing the UAG case on my Surface Pro 4.  It will be a pain to keep removing the case because it will affect the glass protector on the screen.  So I got it locally for $1190, which is still better than some other shops who are still selling it for $1400.