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師兄講得封,tmp file真的可能會令ssd減少壽命。但cosair的使用年期是112年,所以少d都不怕。從cosair的discussion formu 抄咗一段資料:

The life span on these Corsair SSDs are 114 years run time (that's 24 hours a day). Odds are good you will replace these drives atleast 100 years before they have write failures. True, we do see failures but every product line has a certain percentage failures.

我用 Macrium clone 硬碟,但要用 desktop做。將舊harddisk和新ssd裝一齊。然後clone.。

You are running XP or Upgraded to W7 ? IF XP, Disk to Disk Clone cannot have the 4K alignment.  Correct me if I was wrong.


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   我部desktop 係win7 netbook 係xp