Thermochill radiators need FLUSHING??!!

Hi, I just looked on the Thermochill website and it says that they recommended users to flush their radiators before using ( -Part 11).
Do anyone know to to flush it?

This is what I do  
1. use hot water (tap) to run through the inside.
2. fill it up and let the water sit in for 5-10 mins and give it a good shake.
3. run it through with distilled water.

some fill it with vinegar as well but you cant let it sit for too long it will screw up the rad's coating.


I flushed both of my TCs using the same method as Kio26 the only difference is I boiled distilled water for step 1.

You probably need to repeat the whole process at least 4-5 times to get it absolutely clean.