Anyone know how to kill the iLivid Advertising Virus?

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it takes up many space of my facebook area!
-> it appears also in many other websites that I visited, and it covers the advertising space there!
-> and is very annoying!

I don't want to see it any more!

Someone may tell you to uninstall according to its official site:
-> if you go there, you just wasting your time!
-> you will never find a way to uninstall it!

To my understanding, there evolves a new ways of Virus called advertising virus!
-> Avast is NOT ABLE to kill this kind of virus at this moment!
-> advertising virus will occupy large amount of space of your facebook and/or other websites by posting their clients' advertising banner
-> now this advertising virus changes to post, instead of iLivid's ads, another advertising banner to my facebook webspace:

Advertising Virus

2012-8-9 13:31

-> I use Avast Antivirus, but it have no way to stop it!

So can anyone give an hand how to remove this annoying advertising virus?

Thanks for any kind of help!