CM Storm Quick Fire US 紅軸 Price

Just know there is a promotion about the mechanical keyboard from here:
The price of CM Storm Quick Fire US 紅軸 listed there is $559. But I go to 黃金 today and watch out the price. I just found two shops are selling the keyboard. The price listed there is $599 instead of $559. I would like to ask which one is true? Thx.

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your enquiry.
You can buy the CM Storm Quick Fire US 紅軸 at $559 now in the following shop:

Capital Computer Center Ltd                               Tel: 2361 3268
Centralfield Computer Ltd                                    Tel: 2361 5557
Cosmic Technology Computer Company        Tel: 27201177
One Stop Shop                                                       Tel: 2728 3366
Supremia Systems LTD                                          Tel: 27289384