NCASE M1 v6 接受預訂
以下v6 改良咗設計
Front I/O
Added USB Type C port (requires motherboard 20 pin Type E header)
Changed headphone and mic ports to single combo jack
All ports use new molds
Redesigned I/O bracket with swappable no-I/O faceplate (ports can be removed for cleaner look/slightly better 2.2+ slot GPU compatibility)

Redesigned ventilation holes on bottom and rear to improve airflow
Added longer fan mounting slots on the bottom
Bottom vents moved to separate steel floor plate attached to underside of chassis
Added bottom magnetic dust filter
Threaded inserts on PCI bracket
Added M4 screw holes for window mounting to chassis
Front-right chassis flange reduced, SFX PSU can now be installed from the right side
Reduced rear-left chassis flange to facilitate GPU installation
Enlarged chassis front GPU passthrough to facilitate GPU installation and provide more room for oversized GPUs
Removed four panel mounting clips from side flanges to reduce incidence of oversized GPU conflicts
Changed front 2.5" drive mounting to use screws instead of rubber grommets to save space/reduce complexity
Integrated fan bracket mount into chassis flanges
Added inside-front mounting for SFX PSU

Motherboard tray
Changed to removable standoffs

ODD bracket
Redesigned to single piece, now supports 9.5mm and 12.7mm ODD drives

HDD cage
Redesigned to two pieces, now supports 2x 3.5" drives *or* 3x 2.5" drives; now allows mounting to inside front 2.5" mount (3x 2.5" configuration only)

Top panel
Changed to 2mm thick

Side panels
Extended ventilated area adjacent to GPU

New 15mm tall molded rubber feet
New adjustable GPU support bracket (adjustable for 2-2.5 slot cards)
Eliminated ATX PSU bracket




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