TrineFix (freeware)


■ Remove “close match “duplicate contacts (you decide which fields must be similar to define it as a “duplicate”)
■ Automatically remove any “exact match” duplicates (if they are identical, you only need one, right!?:-) )
■ Set FileAs for all your contacts (“First name Last name”, “Last name, First name” etc.)
■ Add a default country code prefix for phone numbers that do not have a country code already
■ Change country code-formatting (“001″, “+1″ etc) for all phone numbers
■ Remove all country codes
■ Remove all non-digits from phone numbers (for instance, some operators do not accept spaces)
■ Remove duplicate appointments or tasks
■ Bulk remove several appointments, contacts or task with a search word or by date range
■ Preview fixes before applying – manually adjust each fix if necessary
■ Finger friendly user interface for touch screens
■ Keyboard friendly user interface for keypad phones


需要 .NET Compact Framework 3.5