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(個app需要 512MB RAM and Compass, 沒有Gyroscope也是可以安裝和正常使用)

Windows Phone Microsoft PhotoSynth 簡介

Microsoft PhotoSynth 市集

Microsoft PhotoSynth試範 短片1
Microsoft PhotoSynth試範 短片2

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This app is great!!!
but hardware requirement is high


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當安裝PhotoSynth的時候, 會提示是需要Gyroscope(事實上沒有Gyroscope也是可以安裝和正常使用).
這裡有一篇關於Does having a gyroscope affect PhotoSynth?

結語就是有沒有Gyroscope對Photosynth的攝影效果只有極輕微分別. 要Photosynth的效果好, 就是工多藝熟!
And finally: Having a gyro makes VERY LITTLE real-world difference. Instead of worrying about that, rather practice making panoramas!

Windows Phone 7本身已有'Motion' API, 即使沒有Gyroscope的硬件下, 也能利用Accelerometer和Compass的資料來計算出Gyroscope的相關數據!
Microsoft has given developers a fancy 'Motion' API which will combine the readings from the accelerometer, compass (not mentioned above, but included in most WP7's), and gyroscope and return very easy to use information about the phone's motion. It even goes so far as to compensate for the lack of a gyroscope by combining the other two values as best it can when a gyro is not present. And it turns out that their compensation works pretty well!