Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern and Color

Let discuss those elements of design in photo
Please, high hand/ exp users could pose some example of each to help the discussion.

To better all new comers.
(like me )

I am reading a book and it suggest us always pick 20 photos recently (all non-portrait, or all portrait) and see what falls into those groups. Then try to improve on the rest.
book link
(Exercise: Mastering the Basic Principles of Design..
Its from the book "Learning to see creatively" from Bryan Peterson isbn 0817441816

(in case you don't know, that dude in 1993 was invited by Chinese Gov to shot for ads as their 2000 Olympics bid... of course we know they win the bid for 2008....)

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Don't have much...
but this one is clearly....under LINE

This one a mix between TEXTURE , Shape or Line... I want to show snow texture...

This one SHAPE... Its actually a mis-frame...should had it down a bit.

This one FORM or  shape

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zone sys ^^


take a raw and then
use software to edit


Don't know what you are talking about?
I will like to discuss those 6 elements and wish ppl gives some examples.


I can safely say 3 out of the 4 I picked isn't good at all.
#2 didn't good or focus enough to show the snow texture
#3 mis-frame
#4more side-lite (time of photo) will give better pop to the cone... more 3D feel...

So... what's yours?




Line :

Texture :

Fire - which has no texture and the fine texture of the chilli.

Maybe feather is also gtexture?

Shape (line?)

Color - I didn't read the book, but I believe "color" can be manipulated to emphasis the mood you're trying to create.


actually... u always have these stuff in your photos... just depends on how you combine and arrange them... photos with only one of these is quite flat...

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guidelines block your lines