Sept 1 or 2.. canon news press (picture leaked)

  latest rumor mode:
sad... its doesn't like like FF after all.

but its a step above 50D...
dual cards, dual DiGIC processors,
better AF (newer AF that most likely will be the technology behind next spring 1Dmark4)
video and Noise control better than current 5DmarkII...

so may be a similar thing like D300 -> D300s upgrade kinda

and the 60D will be on 18 months cycle... i.e. Feb 2010...  so next spring will likely have 2 Canon refresh... and a 33MP+ sensor in making

the new price instant rebate (sept 1 - oct 31)

so... may be some lens refresh on Sep 1/2 too...

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有冇咩新鏡會出呀? 仲出燈呀? 支580/2都唔夠2年.



18-135 3.5-5.6 IS
15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

100macro IS
200mm macro a rummor.
and a L macro with Hybrid IS

35L and 135L could be updated along with 1Dmark4...

and a new underwater camcorder

and 7D finally has the flash system update as flash master...

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picture of box leaked.... or its a poster?

8fps, 19 cross points AF, 100%VF, 18MP

can't read the 63 or 6.3.. or what is that...

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should be a poster and 63-zone TTL full aperture metering


so we will see all those new AF system and metering (except dual processors and fast fps) "plot" to 60D next Feb.... than that will be a better product at a fairer price (wishful thinking mode)


7D仲好過 5D?.......


15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM 依支會貴嗎?

希望 L 以下多D好鏡




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7D仲好過 5D?.......

it is not a FF, and actually 5D series is not as powerful as XXD series in many aspects
5D series focus on image quality and FF mainly...

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