Lens trends

I was reading Popular photography Feb 2010 issue tonight, it mention some lens trend...
It list 5 on based on the 80 lens that released in pass 2 yr.

1. Supertele zooms. eg. sony 70-400, sigma 3 lens: 150-500, 120-400 etc etc
2. Anti-shake + Macro (Nikon 105 f/2.8, canon 100 macro L, Nikon Micro-Nikkor 85 VR)
3. Anti-shake on wider lens (sigma 17-70, tamron 17-50, nikon 16-85 etc)
4. Normal Prime Nikon 35 1.8 Sony 35 1.4 etc
5. micro 4/3

But its the future part that interested me most:
1. video lens (general manager of sigma US said this is the next wave) silent (on AF + stabilization mechanisms) , fast AF, light weight... but not sharp... (can't have the cake...)
2. in-camera + in-lens mating... that's right. hand held speed measured in seconds.... still under develop but... Holy cow! Now that is a break-through!

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I guess  SIGMA should be product more M 4/3 lens since M 4/3 lens is lack of tele zoom and ultra wid ...
Victorychan2002 發表於 2010-1-20 11:25

可能性唔大, 作為副廠sigma 0既優勢係可以一個optical design加唔同0既mount用落幾個system度, 特登為左m4/3設計唔多化算...


但是sigma 是4/3 成員之一,出一m4/3 唔難。


simga is 4/3... But not a member of m 4/3.... Its a "closed" standard in pana and Olympus

Simga 4/3 only refit the mount... so it doesn't look like it will complete redesign to take the m4/3


但是sigma 是4/3 成員之一,出一m4/3 唔難。
lv123 發表於 2010-1-20 18:57

4/3 is different from m4/3...
no one buys m4/3 lens with the size of 4/3