"Preset" lens

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Just learn about this so share this info.

In old/classic/vintage/MF lens, some are called "PRESET".
Some has a 2 aperture ring system.(some only one)

1. Turn (some single ring system need to push and turn, some pull and turn) the "Preset" ring to the aperture you want, say f/5.6

2. focus at the wide open setting (Turn the actual ring all the way)

3. turn the ring (usually very smooth) to the aperture and you will be "set" to f/5.6 (blocked by the pre-set)

4. take the picture with pressing shuttle all the way

The adv is on step 2. That you can focus at wide open just like you do with modern AF lens. More light into the viewfinder for your focus. If Step 3 is smooth and no clicking sound, then its also good for movie