Fijifilm 加入 mirrorless

"Meanwhile, company president and CEO Shigetaka Komori said it will create a mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera built around a larger sensor with ‘resolution and low noise [that] will surpass the 35mm full size sensor.’ We’re not taking this to mean it will be a full-frame camera. "

Wait, Nikon and soon Sony will have 36MP FF sensor. So you mean a more than 36MP ASP-C sensor? on a mirrorless system? O:

One more company,soon have better competition


新super ccd ?點都好,富士比柯達積極﹐柯達是4/3 一員﹐但又唔見出m4/3 机﹐一直比日本按住來打,如果柯達出m4/3 机,比海鷗做,可能唔會攪成咁。