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Sony 今日正式發佈入門級可交換鏡頭相機 NEX-F3 ,搭載1610萬像素 Exmor APS HD CMOS、25點自動對焦點、每秒5.5張高速連拍、感光度200-16000、可180度翻轉的3吋92萬像素LCD等,這也是NEX旗下第二款內建閃光燈的EVIL機。
Sony NEX-F3承襲NEX-5N的1610萬像素Exmor APS HD CMOS感光元件,搭載BIONZ影像處理器等,雖然在基本規格幾乎沒有更動,不過透過獨家技術,使NEX-F3的感光度,最高支援至ISO16000,並擁有更良好的抑制雜訊效果。外型融合了NEX-C3的渾圓曲線,與NEX-5N多元的操控按鍵,且新增等同NEX-7的內建閃光燈,GN值6,增加實際拍攝時的便利性。值得注意的是,過去NEX機種所搭配的可翻轉螢幕,僅可達到向上或向下約90至45度的調整,NEX-F3所搭載的3吋92萬像素LCD,可向上調整180度,成了絕佳的自拍機。
-1610萬像素Exmor APS HD CMOS感光元件
-1920X1080 @60i/24p動態錄影
-內建閃光燈,GN=6 @ISO100
-117.3 x 66.6 x 41.3mm
-連 18-55mm Kit建議售價於港幣4,990元

reading dpreview.
The CPU is a newer processor than 5N.
The 180 turn upside down good for self portrait. But now you can't tilt down. (i.e. no easy way to shot it holding it up above your head) Really? I question this trade-off! Why not a swirl out mount? Trade a good seller point/ tools for photo guys for a Teens/girls functions?

Either Sony found that their customer base of Teens/girls that like self-portrait want a higher end (compare to just a DC) camera, and they really want  that size of camera (remember with a kit lens, its length not pocket-able. so you are going to need camera bag just like a DSLR) must be out-weight the number of photographers that shot above head and looking into a entry level NEX system....
or their design team lay an egg.


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Bigger than 5N. Heavier than 5N
internal pop-up flash vs 5N attached external flash
Self-portrait LCD function vs tilt-down LCD function
No touchscreen cp to 5N
less max ISO even the same sensor and a newer processor cp to 5N.
lesser video 60i vs 60p/i on 5N
kit about US$50 cheaper in than 5N.


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ISO 16000 should be same as A57 (not just number, but also similar quality)

拍片部份是跟 A57 定 A55 ?


If you look at the spec, unless they will lower in price (street price), its not much difference to 5N.  so why such move? and 5N going to see upgrade soon?
10 months... C3 is gone.... will we see 5 N in 2-3 months?
I understand you want to have different level of a line... but the price is so close, yet features 5N gives you more.