Got The HTC One X Premium Set (BLack) Today

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Today I got the HTC One X Premium Set (Black) from HTC Store in TST.

There was a long line at 7pm so I had to wait in line to get in the store.

Here are some shots of the HTC One X

HTC One X Bag

HTC One X Box

HTC One X Box Opened

HTC One X Box set

HTC One X Phone Front

HTC One X Phone Back ... 1344/in/photostream

HTC One X Phone with Cover

where are the photos?
jimmyboy 發表於 2012-4-6 02:21

    I tried posting them on HKEPC Server but it failed.


I am surprised that the HTC One X black is also bundled with the Beats audio white headset.  I want the black one.  Looks like I have to sell my headset as I have not yet opened it.


The phone is pretty good.

First of all I amazed how light the phone is.  The screen size is big but coming from using the Samsung Galaxy Note, I had no complaints at all.   Though I like the screen clarity of the Note better.

The HTC One X surely is a fast phone.  The system is smooth and web browsing is a joy.

I wish this phone was LTE ready because I was so confused between getting the Velocity or the One X.   I decided to go with the One X first and then dump it for a better LTE phone in a couple of months.

My only concern is the battery.   I can just about manage to get through the day with heavy usage.   I am not sure how others will manage it.   I know many guys with bag packs will carry external batteries so I guess it may not be a very big deal for some.   For businessmen it can be a worry.

I wish the Beats Audio Solo came in black color with the black/grey editon of One X.  Anyway, I am planning on selling it and then will see if I can buy a higher end model for my One X from HTC Store.

The sound quality is okay but I feel the note had better sound quality and reception.   The internet speed is on par with the Note.  

Overall I think I am satisfied from my upgrade from the Galaxy Note to the HTC One X.    I hope my next phone will be LTE ready because I have signed for a 5 sim contract with 1010 (30GB combined a month).


Still LTE is the future and it is always good to have fast Internet so that you can watch HD videos without buffering and also watch live stream matches without buffering.


用緊4G pocket wifi
同埋4G phone重食多D電,你冇8000mah charger都唔好出街。
你用5卡 ...
rohome 發表於 2012-4-8 00:31

I signed a 1 year contract only so no free pocket wifi.  I can cancel my contract anytime.  Penalty only $500.


are you interested in One XL? or LG 4X HD? both are with LTE...
Carson35 發表於 2012-4-8 00:19

Both are nice but I think One XL will be better due to beats audio and camera.